I'm moving


Here’s an update:

I may not be moving untill January. Another deal has come along that I’ll have to consider that would put me in a nicer 3 bedroom apartment in early January. It would give me more time to save money, so I can get cable internet right away. Also, here’s another ebay auction of mine:


Feel free to spread the word on this one. Thanks!


Woah! It sold already! Man, it was only up for like an hour at most… I better post my next auction soon then.


One man’s useless is another man’s priceless.


I’ll be posting a new auction tonight. It’ll be my old motherboard, CPU, and memory. It’d make a great christmas/birthday present…

Also, my official move-in date in my new apartment is January 3rd. With your help, I’ll be able to afford cable internet as soon as I move in! So that’s pretty ok.

EDIT: Ok, here’s my new auction.


By the way, the first image is just a placeholder untill I get a picture of my CPU. Still need to get that, but should be up by tomorrow.


What are you fools on about, everyone knows the Quebec Tundra is the best place to live for weather.


Yes I Want To Live With Frenchmen


No, Arizona is dryer. But I love it there.



nice new ava RB.

Is that Travolta?


OK, just a recap. So far I’ve made arround $311 in ebay profits so far. I think I only have one or two more items bound for ebay auctions in the near future, but $300 will really help pay the bills! Thanks to those who helped me out spreading the word, you guys rock! The rest of you guys are a bunch of lazy jerks and you smell funny.


Actually, very few people find my smell humorous.


On the contrary KBV, your smell should do stand-up.


Do a stand up where, in this day and age? Taste isn’t what it once was.


So … its Jan did Chem move yet?


Tomorrow is the day. I probably won’t have cable as soon as I move in since my ISP is slow… It’ll be installed soon though, so I’ll only have net access from work in the mean time. I’m still watching you!


yea, you’ll give us pictures, right?


Ok, I moved in on saturday and cable should be installed either today or tomorrow. Yeah, I’ll post some pictures of the apartment when I first moved in as well as how it looks after a little redecorating. I still only have internet at work, so you’ll have to wait untill I get cable hooked up.


Sounds good.


Eck, my ISP decided I wasn’t good enough for Tuesday, so now I’m getting hooked up on Thursday morning instead. Thanks alot you bastards!


Wonders why PSX needed to quote Chem’s entire post to reply to it with two words…