II: HP Workstation zx6000 (dual 1500 MHz “Madison”, 4 GB RAM, audio card ...)

Here’s a maxed-out zx6000 from the UK, with 24 GB available (according to the auction), for only € 110 / (US) $ 150!


This unit comes with new (old stock) 1,5ghz with 6Mb Cache ; 36Gb 80 Pins SCSI Frive, Slimline DVD Rom, 4Gb New PC2100 ECC REG Memory, , Windows XP Pro for IA64 loaded and Recovey DVD Included.


[LIST=1][]2 x 1.5Ghz Intel Itanium2 CPU’s Total of 12Mb of cache!
]4Gb PC2100 ECC REG Ram (will take up to 24GB, 12x2Gb modules) if you wantore Ram, please ask for price
[]36Gb HOT Plug SCSI HDD ()73Gb U320 HDD available for 15USD extra
]Windows XP Pro 64Bit IA64 loaded and Recovey DVD included.
[*]Optional BMC Card available with radeon 7000 Video[/LIST]

(Guaranteed NON DOA)

It’s a Very Fast Server/workstation will do all a rx2600, Rx2620 does except it will go up to 1.5/6 CPUs while the 2620 will take up to 1.7/12 CPUs if you can find them.


I ship WORLDWIDE! Average European Union shipping is 125.00USD

The zx6000 is in many cases (read: there are exceptions) practically an rx2600. Some zx6000 systems, probably the earlier ones, have certain limitations (in terms of maximum amount of RAM). Though, I wouldn’t be able to tell from experience, since I never owned one. I know someone who owns a zx6000, the most noteworthy thing I was told was that they don’t come with iLO/MP cards. (Although I’m not sure, I think that a zx6000 should be able to accommodate one.)

What is interesting, is that OpenVMS recognizes the zx6000 as an “[FONT=“Courier New”]HP zx6000[/FONT]” (when you invoke, e.g.: “[FONT=“Courier New”]$ SHOW SYSTEM /NOPROCESSES /FULL[/FONT]”), even though HP never marketed the zx6000 as an OpenVMS system, nor ever officially supported it. But yes, it very much runs it and works fine.

What is pity, that $150 USD is a price for machine with a 4 Gb of RAM installed.

4Gb PC2100 ECC REG Ram (will take up to 24GB, 12x2Gb modules) if you want more Ram, please ask for price
He didn’t even mention how much memory he has in his stock for sale. Maybe he will not able to provide you with 10x 2 Gb remaining modules, or the total price will be too much…

The seller took out the 24 GB so the price could be lowered to $ 150. I mean, what did you expect? The 24 GB in PC2100 ECC-registered DDR-SDRAM DIMMs (or kits) alone is worth a lot more than $ 150. (For some reason, PC2100/PC2700 remains relatively expensive. I’ve seen DDR2 and DDR3 DIMMs go for far lesser.)

He didn’t even mention how much memory he has in his stock for sale.

No, but I’ve seen this system listed before (with 24 GB) and he specifies that you should contact him, if you should want more than 4 GB.

So it’s surely not-maxed out machine.

In terms of processors, it is; plus you have the convenience of buying a system with extra RAM, as opposed to having to hunt it down (with the risk of receiving faulty DIMMs from multiple sellers).

Obvious, from lot description.

…I’ve seen this system listed before (with 24 GB)…
Ah, OK then :slight_smile: