II: HP Integrity rx2620 (dual 1300 MHz “Madison 9M”; AB393A base bundle config.)

Rather attractively priced, at (US) $ 260, good long-term investment if you want to add multi-core/multi-threaded, hyperthreading and HPVM-capable, “Montecito” processors later on (like I have, in my rx2620s). The object location is in the USA (Minnesota). Edit: To emphasize the following: Free shipping!

Little information and no pictures, but it should be the HP P/N AB393A factory configuration. So, something in the lines of dual 1300 MHz (3 MB) and 2 ~ 4 GB RAM. See the auction, here.

I got a hold of a HP z400 Workstation only issue is when posting it gives off the 3 Warning beeps which tells me its either the mainboard of the station or the cpu. I’m just debating whether or not to buy a new mainboard/cpu combo or should I have it tested out at for definite answer that way I can invest the cash I do have properly into the repairs.