II [END]: HP Integrity rx2600s (dual 1300 MHz “Madison”, 10 - 24 GB plus extras)

Several very noteworthy rx2600s on sale, in great physical condition and of largely similar technical specifications at very attractive starting bids.

All three seem to have dual 1300 MHz “Madison” processors, come with one PSU, a PCI/-X card cage, two 73 GB Ultra320 SCSI disks, iLO/MP card and the rest. Some come with SCSI controllers (with external LVD/SE VHDCI port) and one with a gigabit ethernet adapter in the card cage. The ‘system-attached’ rack rails seem to be included per system as well, judging by the pictures. (Best is probably to contact the seller, to be absolutely certain of the specifications.) The only unfortunate thing about these systems is that these systems only seem to be shipped within Europe (from Germany).

Anyway, the three (‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’) systems and de facto price categories seem to be divided in terms of total amount of installed random-access memory, since PC2100 ECC-registered DDR-SDRAM is apparently quite costly. Take a look! [LIST][][SIZE=“3”]‘[B]A[/B]’ ([U]10 GB[/U] RAM) starting at [B]€ 35[/B][/SIZE];
][SIZE=“3”]‘[B]B[/B]’ ([U]16 GB[/U] RAM) starting at [B]€ 50[/B][/SIZE]; and
[*][SIZE=“3”]‘[B]C[/B]’ ([U]24 GB[/U] [!] RAM) starting at [B]€ 75[/B][/SIZE].[/LIST]

Here are several pictures:



No bids as of yet.

One bid (the mimimum bid) for all three, with only one day left!

All three appear to have been sold.