II [END]: Compaq/DEC AlphaServer DS10 (466 MHz EV6, 320 MB RAM ...)

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[SIZE=4]DEC Compaq AlphaServer DS10 466MHz EV6 CPU 320MB RAM 18GB Fujitsu Hard Drive 3X-PB01A-AA Desktop CD-Rom Server [/SIZE][FONT=Calibri][SIZE=2][LIST][][SIZE=3] 466MHz EV6 Processor[/SIZE]
][SIZE=3]320MB Internal Ram[/SIZE]
[]SIZE=3 9.2GB Fujitsu Hard Drive[/SIZE]
][SIZE=3]DEC CD-Rom Drive [/SIZE]
[][SIZE=3]DEC Floppy Drive[/SIZE]
][SIZE=3]PBPSOSP100 Sound Card[/SIZE]
[][SIZE=3]Compaq GLoria Synergy PBXGK-BB Video Card[/SIZE]
][SIZE=3]Lock Key[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=3]Detachable Power Cord[/SIZE][/LIST][/SIZE][/FONT]


The item location is in the USA and it appears to be in great condition! The shipping costs (especially for anyone outside the USA or North America) are quite high, but for a real Alpha enthusiast it might be worth it. (Sorry for the large images, there were no thumbnails apparently…)

Update [6-OCT-2011]: This has ended, thread closed. (Not sure if it was sold; if not, it might get relisted.)