If you could do anything.. what would you do?

Just a random sort of thread.

I would grind up a million ferraris and make a bean bag chair at of them.

I would fly overhead and zap people with my uni-beams, laughing maniacally. Alternatively, I’d fly overhead and zap people while expousing the virtues of the worker’s paradise and claiming to save everyone.

I’d also go to an elephant reserve and zap those.

I just had the thought of getting a bunch of tree branches, dressing in all brown, wear the tree branches like i’m a tree and try to hitchhike on the side of the road.

I would save this marriage.

Well OK, even in the realm of imagination it’s unthinkable that I would do anything but yell at people and eat things. So I guess I would do that, and in so doing I would teach us all a valuable lesson. And earn the big bucks.

Become KBV so I can solve the great mystery that is KBV.