Zach is lying in the hallway outside my bedroom. He’s screaming “OATS!!!” repeatedly, pounding on the wall, laughing uncontrollably, and choking… on oats.


Best Human Being Ever!

Here’s the story as written in im form to my friend Julie.

Corova: Ryan described the taste of something as dirts, because it’s oats and fruit… and I tried a bite, and all I could think was, “Damn, this tastes just like oats.” So I decided it would be a good idea to yell it’s oats, started laughing my ass of, fell down and started laughing harder, found something, tried to throw it at ryan, it hit his wall, then the wall behind me, and phil saw that hit my ass, he started laughing really hard which made me laugh harder, when I then mildly choked on the damn oats, causing me to laugh harder yet.

And then Zach burst into flames, causing the world to laugh really, really hard.

…and pee its pants.

…and pee my pants.

It’s true - I peed Phil’s pants. I also told Zach that the oat-thing tasted like “dirts.”