I was told this would be funny to post

[SIZE=3]Compliments of Leon[/SIZE]

i think that was posted 21.25593 years ago, ant time.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been shown that article, I’d have a pretty large amount of nickels.

Dude, check this out…

Wow Leon sure is a hoot - Did you know he has a forum again and you can even post as a guest!


Winner. Forever.

If only, eh? You could invest all the pretty coins, overseas.

You’ve been watching too much Eurotrip.

Oh, and

That’s a funny story.

Not as funny as Eurotrip though.


again. Goan fuck yourself.

I like how Leon can still annoy us…even without being here.

Oh well, let’s not think about that. Check out this article ! ROFLMAO!!!

its so easy to add this image again and again, you just drag it into the quickreply box…

Oh my!

Hey, this image contains the word CORK!

I wonder where you can put that cork…