I think Sephiroth is behind it

I hope in that 1 in 909,000 chance that it wont happen.

0|-| ||0 1+'5 +|-|3 3||D 0f +|-|3 //091D !

it’s those damned martians on jupiter

It has to be the work of some cultish Final Fantasy 7 fan.

Sephiroth is behind everything which is evil…


i wouldn’t mind me getting pwnd by him or stabbin’ me in the eye, after all, he is ub4r 4|||> 57up|-|


Cheese = Sex

Did you get my msg the other day at all? :crying:

i believe i did. and thanks ^.^

You’re welcome and Glomp we missed you. :wink:

Sephiroth must be doing this for some sort of publicity stunt for FF7-2 the
movie! (http://download.jucaushii.ro/files/trailers/FF7-AdventChildren_trailer.zip - Trailer)

Stupidity @ its best


I did what now?

Why I should be willing to tell you this, I have no idea, but you did nothing, there.