I need a new FPS

I need a new first person shooter to sink hours and hours into when I’m bored. Quake 4 was fun, but short. Farcry is challenging, but no quicksave = frustration. I never liked the Halos… for PC only! Any suggestions?

Quake 3 Arena, hours of enjoyment.

I also recommend Battlefield 2, it can be fun.

Ratty suggested one to me a while ago, BioShock I think? Windows and Xbox 360 - it looks pretty cool.

Right now there isn’t much though… I always play older games since they seem to be 10x more original and fun, but thats just me.

Came here to post this. The game looks fantastic.

Holy fucking shit. I might have a use for my 360 now.

You mean, besides Beautiful Katamari.

Bioshock… wasn’t that a game in the late nineties that was like a FPS-RPG hybrid or something? I guess I’ll play the original Unreal since I never beat it (stupid flashlight level).

Romsus, that game demo makes my Athlon 64 3500+, gig of 2-2-2-5 DDR, and X800XT Platinum Edition look inadequate… Must gets me some quad core and 3 video card madness with 8 gigs of RAM!

I bought (not with money, with bandwidth) the new HL2 addition, Portal. It’s freaky-licious. Check it out:

I will check it out, but how did you get it for bandwidth instead of moola?

Instead of using Steam to download it, I used uTorrent. It’s almost the same delivery system, but slightly different. Also, the cake is a lie.

I see, the power of torrents.

And now for Half-Life 2, episode one. Unfortunately through steam… but I didn’t pay for it either! I got some voucher for it somewhere. Valve likes to just give away their software left and right. I guess their whole revenue stream is from people still buying Counter Strike retail.

Those suckers! I can’t believe it used to be a free mod and now people are paying for it!

You just can’t win!

Quake Wars is out. The demo is confusing for me, but I’m sure with more play-time it’ll be a heck of a lot more interesting.

Portal is worth playing if for no other reason than to watch the endgame credits.

Call of Duty 4: thumbs DOWN. This game is a lesson in bad game design. It will make you want to throw your computer out the window and is therefore an evil game. I suggest you avoid it at all costs.

EDIT: Ok, $400 in computer upgrades and a clearer head later and I still have to vote no on prop COD4. Playing through the game the second time is a bit easier, only because I had to play through the hard parts dozens of times to get them right the first time around. With new computer parts the game is much smoother and nicer looking, but the gameplay is still… off. They tried to go with two very contradictory paths: one is the classic “shoot a million bad guys before they overwhelm you” and the other is “realistic depiction of a war scenario”. It’s a bit ridiculous to expect one person to take out 50 armed soldiers with grenade fetishes when you’re bound by the rules of realism in your weapons and surroundings. I want to play a game, not simulate the worst possible way to fight a war. You’re teamed with an elite squad that can’t advance or cover you in any way until you reach certain checkpoints in the level. Until you do, they’re perfectly content to sit back and shoot a few rounds at a wall until you run past them and grab a rocket launcher or complete some task. Of course you’re likely to die in the crossfire and be forced to play through half the level before getting to the same point only to die again. If that weren’t bad enough, they placed many of the save points right before long story sections that you can’t skip so you have to listen to them go over the same info for several minutes before you can go back to playing the game, rise and repeat. Don’t get me wrong, some parts are alot of fun, but overall it doesn’t make up for the bad parts.

I’ve never really been a big fan of the COD series, because at a lan party I got my ass handed to me. I never saw the enemy, but one shot and death isn’t all that fun. Thanks for the heads up.

I’m playing a bit through Crysis at the moment. My x1950 is straining… But it does look good even in dx9, albeit slow. And I can’t play it in Linux.

Whatever happened to all the simple yet fun games?

Oh yeah, Crysis is sweet, but also annoying at times. One thing that COD4 had going for it was when you shot a guy, he died from his wounds. In Crysis, I’ve shot a guy over a dozen times (seriously) and he didn’t die until I got a headshot. You need to pump a guy full of lead at close range or shoot them in the head before they fall. It seems like someone gave the Koreans regenerative nano-suits as well.

I’ve noticed that as well in the beginning, you can shoot, wait, shoot, wait, and they’re all still alive.

After playing a little more, it turns out that someone did give the koreans nano-suits, just not the ones I was complaining about earlier. Those guys are just equipped with poor programming, the greatest weapon you can have in a videogame.

God mode for all!