I haven't been here in a while

…because of a game they call Star Wars Galaxies. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Jeebus this game is addicting. I just hope HL2 can break its spell.

halo PC is calling you Edd… oh and I have JAWBREAKERS EDD! JAWBREAKERS!!! BOINK !

Hmm Halo PC, and interesting proposition. But I think it will ultimately be futile.


I’m so excited I almost pissed myself.

I’m already well on my way to pirating this softwa

I’m already well on my way to purchasing this software. And Leon, eww…

Wha? I said -almost-. 2 HOURS LEFT !!!

well its a good time to own a xbox considering hl2 doom 3, full specrtum worriar, unreal 2, rainbow 6 3, deus ex 2, halo 2 are all coming out in the next 8-6 months( …and i know many of these are for pc…but not your almighty ps2 or gamecube…), and the best part about it being on xbox is xbox live

but xbox doesn’t have Viewtiful Joe, or Product Number 03, now does it!

(note - I own all 3 gaming systems, just so you sound like less of a buffoon in your retort)

…three posts in the last three months. You still haven’t been around much, R.E.

I haven’t been here a while because I’ve been far too busy <strike>playing MS Hearts Network</strike> having fun.

I did get CnC: Generals though.

Well, Besides Halo, I’m tooling around with this old Esc T/C for UT. Pretty kool interface, the team that did this “really” did take time to research and build a nice almost semi clean interface.

Red Alert 2 still the all time best…how cool is a game which lets you feel morally superior while fighting against, or for, communism.

Trot I bet plays Russia … :smiley:

I find it strange how Iraq is able to create Desolators, seeing as their technological inflexibility prevents it.

allah doesn’t allow it.

I prefer to think of it as part of the curse on Babylon.

Great, VAC has falsely banned me. What do I do now, huh? Eh? God damn it. :monoke:

Just checking up on you people.

Yea still here just older.