I have spawned

Comments on the new life I’m dragging into this world? Due May 18th, getting married sometime in February. This will mean I’ll have more time to work on this site. Joy.

Oh, I also hope insurance doesn’t fuck me over. Which they will. Anyone know how to deliver a baby?

All the babies I know have been extracted in some way from the mother’s abdomen, so I think that’s probably a good idea (to do that).

Internet Double Dog Dare: Eat the placenta.

Spawn More Overlords

Make the baby post on the forums.

No, not in May, right now.

Trot - I am not a scientologist, and I hope Tom Cruise doesn’t show up, again.

Chem - Spawning

The baby has posted in the past, he/she shall post in the future.

Kbv - Its looking at me, I can’t.

Congratulations, I hope (s)he’s called PS3-Dude(tte).