I Have An Objection Maybe

Due to the crappiness of this crappy hunk of crap (computer), my vote between “WONK” and Barry was cast in favor of “WONK.” I had selected Barry but it somehow wound up voting for the fat, gay orb(s). Since this would shift the vote, I DEMAND A RECOUNT OR SOMETHING OF THIS NATURE.

<img src=“http://www.paulkopeikingallery.com/artists/graham/Images/graham-approaching-grand.jpg”>

We all love Barry, but the orb won. Suck on it.

(Trot_to_Trotsky’s cock)

(it tastes awesome, trust me)

sucks to be you?

Your computer is wiser than you think!

i sur am foollish ;(

Barry won last time, for no good god damned reason. It deserved to die.

This is blaspehmy! I will not hear such talk about the beloved Barry! To the dungeons with ye!

Vote for me ;(

Rice block.