I Have An Elevator!

Neon has moved to SYDNEY and now has a New apartment


wooooooooooooooooooooooo :fly2:

Hey! I want an elevator too! Of course I live in the first floor, but that’s beside the point.

Hey! We want more pictures of the elevator!


hmm, taking a picture of yourself mooning an elevator so your ass reflects in the mirror is harder than expected, especially when all of a sudden a family of 6 gets in the elevator for an uncomfortable ride from level 3 to level 7… thus I am hiding in the appartment for a while… :bash

I have diabetes. Does that count?

I need to get to the 251st floor, plz.

then you are in the wrong building…

This elevator only goes to the HIPPO LOUNGE !!!

OMG! I have to take a picture of that too I actually have a club down the road called the Hippo Lounge!!!

And by a technicality the elevator does not go to it, the 7th floor is the roof of my building, must take picture of the view too…

where is my taylon flash

I have no idea

You stole it, didn’t you?! Off to the jingle jail you go!

Greatest avatar ever.

Just got back from hippo lounge (Started of as lunch and well you know…)

Now I am cold and chafed…