I guess this is where I say Hi

Hi :abduct:

This is where I say hello and welcome:

Hello and welcome to our forums! What brings you to these parts of the internet?

Alien abduction, to judge by the smily.

Hooray for welcoming and forums and… welcoming to forums.

Welcome to the forums! Your avatar looks painful…

Sup nigga

The avatar is from FMP in one of the later episodes, either 23 or 24. Don’t worry about poor Tessa, she gets her own back on Gaul (the guy with his foot on her neck).

Oh, I thought it was some kinda rape hentai

Haha, YES!

Also, greetings. Welcome to someone else’s forums.

This forum is the best on the entire internet.

It has Taylon.

Hey, Lampshade. Welcome to the future.