I f*cking hate your morals!


Science should not be impaired by what one person might think is “lowering” to man kind. I care not what you what your perfect little race that you hold above all others is in your eyes, If shit like this continues bioengineering and most bio related sciences are going to go the way of Sci-Fi… Simply because you will have to buy your self an Oil rig out in the middle of no where just to perform the most simple of genetic experiments…

Put the mother fucking human brain in the mother fucking mouse!


Cohen sez:
“Creating chimeras, she said, by mixing human and animal gametes (sperms and eggs) or transferring reproductive cells, diminishes human dignity.”

Hmm… “I may have cancer because scientists weren’t allowed to research the proper cure through the use of animal-human hybrids, but at least I have my dignity! Hahahaha–” dies

And then Cohen goes on to cover all her bases:
“…the wording on such a ban needs to be developed carefully. It shouldn’t outlaw ethical and legitimate experiments—such as transferring a limited number of adult human stem cells into animal embryos in order to learn how they proliferate and grow during the prenatal period.”

It’s hard to disagree with her when she’s apparently supporting both arguments, but overall she seems to be in favor of some kind of ban or restriction on the research. Who’s going to decide exactly which experiments are ethical? Plus, how many times will these rulings have to be amended to include (or exclude) new, useful procedures?

This part pretty much sums up my overall opinion:

“Anybody who puts their own moral guidance in the way of this biomedical science, where they want to impose their will—not just be part of an argument—if that leads to a ban or moratorium. … they are stopping research that would save human lives.”

But, I also agree that scientists need to make sure they aren’t in fact sacrificing human lives to save other human lives. Again with the dilemmas!

Sounds like there’s gonna be a long-running tug-of-war over the limitations of this kind of research, which is too bad, cuz in a few decades I was looking forward to man-sized, bipedal mice taking over the planet.

I have no problem with morally ambiguous creatures as long as they kill them brutally and methodically.

But… but, morally ambiguous creatures are so much fun!

I’m afraid fun just won’t be enough to save them from the violent racial purging!

Hmmm… yes. The Fly wasn’t exactly big in many social circles, come to think of it.

Well if they did proceed to make human animal hybrids, the furry population would be really happy to have real furry children, which would be weird, but still awesome.

Ya imagen if you wernt into furry but your parents are… Thats just kinda creepy.

I don’t think it would be practical to do it on already existing humans.

Well what if your parents are into furry and force their child to be a furry and the childs not really into it, but is forever a furry… and thus… stalked by creepy guys in big teddy bear outfits for the rest of their human/cat life.