I could use some quick help

Could you guys do a search on your computer for a file called TFTP1436.

I don’t think it even has an extension. My computer seems to think this file is the end all important file of the century, and wants to open it all of the time (but it doesn’t know what program to use to open it).

I’m just going to delete it, but I’m curious to know what it is, does, or where it came from.


It’s not on my system, what OS are you running? The name kinda looks like a font file though. That could explain why your system wants it all the time.

I can’t find it on mine either.

Hooray for XP, eh???

I’m running XP Pro, and I’ve been having some spyware problems of late, so I’m thinking that might be where it comes from.

A search on google turns up nothing.

have you run ad-aware to rid yourself of these spyware problems?

Isn’t ad-aware more spyware?

no, it’s not

Where can I get this ad-aware programme?

I recommend searching the googles (they do naathing!) when you wanna find stuff. However, since you are extremely lazy, (and well, who isn’t?) you can find said program here: http://www.lavasoftusa.com/

also Spybot works well.

Normally, I would have searched google by myself. But you called the whole laziness thing, plus I figured one of you would be handy with the link.

Muchos danke.

I had the exact same problem.
At bootup (I’m running XP) my computer flashed 3 error boxes, looking


So I went to START->RUN and typed in MSCONFIG, then went to the STARTUP tab. Here I saw all 3 of these files listed. I noted the directory that was listed there as well for the 3 files. I went to that directory and deleted those files. This fixed the problem. NOTE: at first, I tried to simply uncheck these in STARTUP but this failed. At the next bootup, the 3 were there … unchecked, but 3 new ones appeared (same names) with checkmarks! So then I had 6 listings! Yuck. I’m back down to 3 unchecked now and the windows no longer come up at bootup. Good luck all!


I think it some sort of spyware, because after running ad-aware, the problem went away.

However, now my computer is infected with a virus that I can’t get rid of, so…hooray for that!

And hooray for not being able to use the task manager in Windows XP…