I am now exclusively buying only Logitech stuff for my PC

Years and years ago Logitech released an incredible wireless mouse called the MX700. I won’t go into too much detail other than that its the greatest wireless mouse ever created.

Anyway, I bought this bastard probably about 3 years ago, give or take. The mouse has performed flawlessly, never given me any problems of any sort… until recently. The base station used both as the wireless reciever and the charging station has stopped properly charging my mouse. I mean, it wasn’t completely broken, but I had to reseat the mouse multiple times before it would begin to charge.

So I do what any good citizen should do. I called tech support.

About 25 minutes later, my conversation with “Mitch” ends something like this:

Him: “Okay, can I get your street address Mr. Smee?”
Me: Gives address
Him: “Thank you, your replacement will be arriving in about a week”
Me: “Oh cool, so you’re sending me a new base station?”
Him: “Oh no, we’re sending you a brand new mouse”
Me: “Even better! I thought they stopped making MX700s though?”

Turns out they’re sending me one of these. Free.

I fucking love these guys.

Fucking A+ for Logitech support.

Sexy, the same thing happened to my MX700, but I just went out and bought a corded mouse. Fuck cordless stuff! Cords are cool!

You can strangle yourself to death with cords and then post a nice E/N thread about being dead!