I am gay. Gay gay gay. Big huge gay

I have created a blog to help me get ideas for updating the RH site/allowing me to post inconsequential bits of jazz that nobody in their right minds would want to read.


I only tell you because somebody would eventually find out, and then post the results in a thread called: Trotsky is gay. Gay gay gay. Big huge gay.

I’m just going to cut out the middle-man here.


where is the hippos

You forgot to mention how fat you are.

Man, that girlfriend of yours is totally bitching you up. First you claim that she is better than the Singapore sling, and now this?

You have a lot of explaining to do, mister…

…besides, doesn’t romshand.com provide the same service to you while allowing you to keep your sexual preferences ambiguous?

Is this Emily like of the Swiss family or the college rule where the only allowed consonant is “L”?

[Arbitrary gay content]Whether it is or not, that’s always a fine picture of Dave in your journal. I might also add that Tim looks rather dapper in his “Speedin’ Cheetah” shirt.[/Arbitrary gay content]

Essentially. Only it’s harder to update, pictures aren’t easy to put in, and Roms hates me.

You’re all missing the point, here, which is that Gil looks like the gay.

That’s nothing unusual.

I honestly don’t think that’s necessary mr. leon everyone knows about mr. trotskys personal life and frankly its his own business.

see… that post belongs in the thread where everyone had to post.