I am a cool and unique individual because I now have a website to call my very own!


Not much of anything on there right now. I’m basically just posting to inform you all of my incredible hosting deals. And by incredible, I do mean incredible.

Another Ian? Jeez.

Incredible = free!

i am superior because

Registration Service Provided By: RegisterFly.com
Contact: [email]feedback@unifiednames.com[/email]
Visit: http://www.RegisterFly.com
Domain name: pipian.com
Status: Locked
Name Servers:
Creation date: [b]24 Nov 1999 10:37:48[/b]
Expiration date: 24 Nov 2004 10:37:48

man i’m old

Man you’re a nerd.

I concur

dude, let’s link to each others websites!


I so need to get some $ so i can start clonedi back up… sigh… not having a job blows…

i need some $ too. the job hunt begins.

get a job ye dern hippies!

i won’t be having the working man telling me what to do.

Right on! That’s stickin’ it to The Man!

Wait a minute, that’s being The Man. Listen to the working man! Listen!
Because he sings beautifully.


they’re so incredibly incredible, they’re incredible!

The word incredible is composed of a root (“cred”, meaning “hosting”), a suffix (“ible”, meaning “free”) and a prefix (“in”, meaning “AUSSSSSSSSSSSSS”). Thus we have the meaning of the whole word (“incredible”), which is “free hosting for you SIEG HEIL”.

I like your song Smee. I say change the drums though :slight_smile: