Huge dilemma

I hope I don’t bore you all with the drudgeries of my life. But here goes.

My mother is getting out of the US Army on the 22nd of this month. Her and her current husband (not my father) are having a lot of problems, and will be divorced probably within a few days of her return.

Now, here is the dilemma. My mother wants me to move out to Sacremento with her. This means I would have to leave all my friends, family, and (gasp) my girlfriend behind. BUT… my mother can provide me with something that my father and stepmother cannot.


I’ve thought about it a long time, and I’m still pretty indecisive about it all. I’m just looking for advice from everybody I can… maybe someone could offer a thought or something I haven’t thought of yet, or whatever, I dunno.

I’d say it really comes down to how serious you are with your girlfriend. If you’re really serious with her, you could always stay and go to a local community college on the cheap and transfer to a University later. If not, go for college and make the best of it.

So your mom is only willing to pay for your college if you move with her?

Trot - Correct.

Chemmie - My family here in Colorado can’t even afford to put me through CC. “But get a job, blah blah” I really am not keen with the “Work while going to school” ordeal. Thats just a personal schtick of mine. As for the seriousness of my relationship, I consider it to be extremely serious, otherwise this wouldn’t be nearly half as bad as I’m making it out to be.

Long distance relationship? From my experience, going off to uni and keeping along distance relationship can be fun, what with her cheating on you and you kicking the other guy’s ass.

Still, if you don’t go you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

You could do like most of America’s youth does nowadays and file for federal student aid.

Sure you’ll be paying them off until you die…but you’ll be able to live close to home.

Id personally go for the paid for college.If the relationship really was serious enough, it should be able to work long distance.

Hahaha, lies. No pheromones or visual stimuli for a sexually active couple of kids? DOOMED.

This just in, I’m an ass.

it can be done, it just requires about 50,000 hours a month on the phone with her…

why not take her with you to sacramento?

PSX - I really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I could… but unfortunately she is already going to college here in colorado, and besides I don’t think my mother would be too keen about that idea.

Have you talked to her at all about the possibility?

I don’t have to. I know my mother.

<s>so she’s not going to pay for college if you don’t live with her?</s>

so KBV is paying for your college education? what a nice guy.


/me peeks in that’s a lil biased isn’t it?
Doesn’t your mother want you to be “happy?”

Smee, what kind of job do you have now? Is there any room for going up in your current job or room for getting a raise? Do you have any idea what you want to study?

that’s what i would do. and my girlfriend would come with me, regardless of what her family said. but i have 2 years until college. i think that if it’s as serious as you say, then i think long-distance would be able to work.


As for what I want to study… I want to study Sound Engineering.

Her rules are her rules, and unfortunately I am a little too obediant for my own good.