Hrm, yahoo

Doesn’t this look like a flagrant ripoff of google?

Yes, though I’m not sure why anyone would care.

dunno, yahoo had been primo #1 for a long time with their technologies, then google comes along and totally blows them out of the water so they retaliate by copying google.

But that affects anyone who is not google or yahoo how, precisely? Neither of them is going away any time soon. I guess it’s nice that Yahoo is less cluttered now, though.

well then, lets all just copy whatever someone else is doing.

The image search results look exactly like Google image search results.

The preferences page looks exactly like Google’s preferences page.

Google has clearly perfected its cloning technology!

I smell a lawsuit. It smells like cheese, delicious cheese.

yahoo’s main page looks a little bit nicer.

Lawsuit, or…


Yes. Say hello to YAHOOGLE.COM.

Oh no it already exi

Destroy the cyber-squatter!

cool, what city/town/state is this hippo lounge in?

Banned for misleading link.

Well now, MSN has tried to compete. Funny. Well, here’s some good results courtesy of msn search:

Best Operating System = FreeBSD

Best search engine - Homerweb?

Best web browser - Mozilla Firefox

I’m liking homer web

It’s almost like they all talked to one guy and all got the exact same kind of search engine… Except MSN’s looks like crap.


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