How much Dew is too much Dew?

Something tells me Zach’s immunity is like 800 cans over what it says for him…

235.7727271 cans for me.

Ah yes, I remember this from a couple years ago.

Mine is 136.4999999, although I would have to believe the real number is much less.

I’d imagine fried Oreos and fried Snickers bars would greatly decrease the number of cans needed to kill you…because you’d already be dead.

Yay Texas And Fried Everything

My Mt. Dew threshold is a puny 173.7272726 cans.

Also, as if I didn’t already like Houston’s Republic enough, fried Oreos?! Jesus H Christ, all of my prayers have been answered now that both Twinkies and Oreos have been fried and then sold to people.

Mine is also 173.7272726. Aaron, remind me to stop at 173 cans next time I’m at your house.

Nancarrow drank the syrup that’s used for the fountain drinks, which is essentially concentrated death, and he’s only moderately fucked up. So I think you can probably handle more than that indicates.

I don’t know. If he drank 300 cans worth of that syrup, I’m sure he’d metasticize some serious cancer and die within weeks.

Although according to him, his only hope is to give his cancer cancer, so that the original cancer dies of cancer, and he remains healthy.

Yeah, you’re right, he’s pretty fucked up.

I am burning

and you, my many illnesses are in a precarious balance now, I think the late September snow will be the final straw that will kill me.