Holy Hell! Imagine all the limbs you could NOT cut off with that sucker!

These videos just astound me. Speaking from the point of view of someone who has lost a limb to wreckless use of industrial power tools–which I have every right to do, but because I lack said experience, the following might not mean much–holy <a href=“http://www.sawstop.com/video.htm”>damn</a>.

Imagine how un-scarry zombie films will become! I mean… how much more unscarry they will become. I mean how mu

Every time Phil posts, I know I will be entertained for hours on end.

This post is no exception.

That’s really fucking…wow.

But I want to see that bitch do it with his real damn finger.

Sweet merciful sawstop, that’s fucking amazing. Whoever first came up with this is a genius. I mean, I divined how it worked when I watched it, but to come up with this from nothing? Sheer brilliance.

Great. Now how do I cut off people’s weiners.

Bah, bunch of sissies and their “power” tools. They should use super sharp blades like real men. I’M ON MY FOURTH ARM. GRRRRRR

The vidoes remind me of the time I tried to trim my pubic hair with a carbonated tin circular saw, only with less blood (and hair loss).

How about flase positives with these “safe saws” such as a really moist wood? Or what if the electric susceptibility of your skin matches the wood (maybe you have dry skin)?

There’s also the dangerous issue of cutting your teeth, which, scientists have discovered, are made of wood.

I think this is the downfall of madmen who want to kill James Bond by running him into a saw. POOR MADMEN.

Hey, how bout you read the FAQ you asshat.

Dood, you’re a freaking physicist. You know that the electric susceptibility of wood and flesh are so far off from each other, even wet wood, that a blind hobo could figure the difference between the two with 9-volt battery and using his penis as an ammeter.

However, now that I’ve lost all seven apendages to sawing incidents, I’m forced to use my teeth to push the wood… you bring up an excellent point.