We all know about the current events concerning Half-Life 2, so I won’t even bother with it in this post.

Just read this:


Source code leaked and I was looking forward to the game.

There’s a beta floating arround too? I’ll have to look into that… One of my cow-orker’s friends has the source code and was going to compile it or something. It just occurred to me a little bit ago that having the binary won’t do a whole lot of good without all the textures and such. hehe, I wonder how long it’ll take before he figures that out too.

If there is a leak of the full game, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Think about it… the main binary source code free to download and edit… to make it do whatever you want it to… sounds VERY VERY risky to me.

“Sure, go ahead and access my entire computer while I run around playing headcrab baseball!”

of course you wouldn’t want to run it on your main computer, or any computer with an internet connection. I’ve got a few guinea pig comps laying arround I could test it on. Would be interesting to see what kind of trojans or viruses are on there. Plus, if there was anything wrong with the exe, you could always get the source and compile it yourself

I forgot to mention before that I did obtain the beta and that’s it’s awesome. I did test it on my main computer, which was kinda stupid of me, but it didn’t show any viruses or trojans when I scanned the files. You have to manually load each level though, the singleplayer option in the main menu doesn’t seem to work. Also, if this beta shows how far the developers have come with the game when it was leaked, it was no where close to being complete. Would take at least 2-3 more months of serious developing to finish it at the level it’s at in the beta. For the levels that do work though, it’s very pretty.

I heard the hacker shot JFK to…