Hippos hooray

Discovery Channel revealed to me that a hippos can turn a shark into not-shark, while a shark cannot do anything to a hippos. Victory.

Dammit!! I haven’t watched it yet and it is ruined! RUINED!!!

i’m sorry

i still haven’t revealed just how many different ways the ultimate combat is super-awesome-cool
i will say that it is more than fifty, though

Come on…we all knew hippo > shark.

In fact, hippo > F-18 Fighter Jet.

Of course. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t the greatest fight to watch ever.

The poll on this page is an outrage and must be fixed.

Voted hippos.

Now I just need to inform my 50000 friends to do the same, and…


I voted for Nader.


Ah, another vote flushed down the toilet.

Nader to Kerry: Trust me, I’m a <i>good</i> thing for the democratic party. I’ll draw votes away from the middle-right republicans who don’t really support Bush, but have nobody else to vote for.

Kerry to Nader: Whu… Wha… Whazuh ghfhjgsljdfg! If my arm weren’t in this sling, I’d use it to pay my leg to kick your ass.

would you like to own a hippos?

They may be gigantic and terrifying when they’re babies, but just wait until they grow up…then they’re gigantic and terrifying…and they can eat you in one hit.

Detail about the fight, which has by now aired for the second time so if you missed it you’re foolish:

The hippo ate the shark in one hit.