Hey carptoasts, I demand something

who has a gmail account

(in before invite)


The only invite you’re getting is an invite to PAIN.

(<img src=“http://www.romshand.com/pix/aolface.gif”>)

My brother got an account, but he has no invites to give… Not even to me.

I have an account. I think I have 2 or 3 invites handy, too. Too bad I’m not in a generous mood as of late, huh?


Man, I’m still not entirely sure as to what the hell is up with Gmail.

IT IS MAIL, PEOPLE. I saw somebody trying to sell an account for like 500 dollars.

Sad part is, I’m not joking.

I don’t get it either, google must be a clever buisness or something, I mean most people I know that want a gmail invite just want it so they can get their username before its taken not because they actually want to use it or anything.

Have I told you how adept at knife fighting you are, lately?

You rock my world, Phil.


Check this out: after I had completed archiving my mail in my 1 GB of free space, and after looking at those beautiful invites I’m not going to use, I found <a href=“http://www.signonsandiego.com/sports/20040811-9999-1s11pganotes.html”>this</a> on google news. If you can’t find teh funny, look at the headline. Of the story.

He’d better keep at it, then.

That’s it.

Knife fight. Noon. Be there.

I have g-mail. But no invites.


I don’t speak “English”