Hey Apple Goes Stupid

Apple trademarks Lynx, Cougar, Leopard, and Tiger on computers and computer software and OS’s.

I mean… How [url=http://www.cougarsoftwaresolutions.com/]exactly [url=http://www.cougarsoftware.com/]can [url=http://www.leopardlogic.com/]they [url=http://www.smarthomeusa.com/Products/default.asp?sMet=4&Category=Adicon_Automation&CategoryDesc=LEOPARDII&Product=adicon/LEOPARDII]do [url=http://www.cs.technion.ac.il/~biham/Reports/Tiger/]that?

I don’t see indications of trademarks on any of those pages (except for LeopardII™, which is not Leopard). So, Apple just got there first.

Aside from the fact that Lynx has been called that for a long time now. What is Apple going to do? Sue them for taking a name before Apple even came up with theirs?

Probably not.
On the other hand, Apple does seem to be manipulating an old patent to the point where Apple could sue Microsoft for infringing on user switching.