Here's a quaint idear

I don’t think that we talk nearly enough anymore, wouldn’t you agree?

And we hardly ever have conversations while I’m drunk.

That’s why I think we should probably talk. So I’m proposing (as daring as this sounds) a game of phone inquisition. If this sounds to your liking, I will post the number to my cellular telephone (aptly named: Communism). Then you crazy fucks can call me up, and have a phone conversation with me. Chart the time you call, and let me know what time it is when you call (in case I am intoxicated at the time). Don’t tell me who you are, just have a normal conversation with me.

Then, I will post the time that I recieved the call, and try to guess, based on subject and how I think you all sound in real life, who it was that called me.

If I’m right: HAWT. If not: oh fuck.

Then you can all put my number down on any number of credit card application forms and gay porn calling lists or whatever.

So what say you to this idea that will help me kill some time during my rather uneventful finals week?

Oh, and for extra HA HA EXCITEMENT, if we decide to do this, and we actually get more than 2 people to agree to telephone, when the game starts, I will leave my phone on 24 hours a day until the contest is over.

So if you want to call at 5 in the morning, so be it…that is when I will have to guess who you are.

The only exceptions to this rule are when I’m actually in the process of taking a final exam. I don’t actually want my life ruined because of some retarded game I came up with.

Oh, and I figure that you can call numerous times to try and throw me off the trail. For example, KBV could call once, then again a day later to try and make me think he’s ChemBot or something. I don’t know how he’d do this, what with his thick eastern european accent and all his saying of “oy,” but I guess it’s worth a shot.

Gevalt! I guess I khave already lost your game, Har Trotsky.

a.k.a. Long Distance O-Rama.

Yay, let’s attempt to use up all his minutes so he will have to pay fees for the minutes that he no longer has. I just might participate, because I have absolutely nothing better to do.

Wouldn’t this cost me a million billion dollars?

not if you had a cellular telephone and lived in the United States… but yes, it would cost you large sums of money.


cellelualar telelliophone

Omg Volcalbadairy!

You should put it in your strategery book.

Can I call collect?

Oh wait, you’d immediately know it was me.


Yes. Racism.

Against you.


As though your constantly saying things like “sacré bleu!” and “zut alors!” wouldn’t clue him in, Frenchie.

Aaron, where you even here this weekend? Do you have any clue what happens when you mix the phone, you, and alcohol?

That’s right: Lucky best big chance cock huff.

Not just alcohol. Pure rum followed by pure Grenadine.

Ryan called it a Cherry Popper.

I called it: Crime Against Humanity.

I would have cleverly disguised my vocabulary.

Darn blue!
Zut then!

One obvious problem though. When we call, our numbers will show on Trot’s cellphone, which will give away our area codes. All He needs to do then is look up the area code to find out the general area we live in and then he’ll know exactly who we are unless there’s more than one person on the forums from that area. Either way, it won’t be much of a secret.

Did it ever rise in the first place? Seems more like they just put the south back in it’s place.

Wrong north.