Help Me Im Sick

What’s up, fellas?

I’m at Michigan Tech. LOL.

We’ve been drinking quite a bit up here. One night, none of us felt like drinking, so we all started drinking Jaeger, which is an evil…evil substance. That was fun.

None of us have puked yet, which is also fun (Dave’s still the odds on favorite).

Just checking in. I’m sure I’ll have pictures to show and stories to tell when I return, but I’m busy right now. There’s jogging a transpirin’.

Later d00dddddddddddddzs,


Oh, and Roms, those newest Taylons were insane (I assume you’re a loon at this point), and that movie of you actually making Taylon forced Dave to blind himself.

I blinded Dave. I’m not sure why.


Trot’s post was readable. He need more alcohol.

Trot was jogging. He needs less alcohol.

Jaeger? Isn’t that the black licorice stuff? I really like black licorice, but only for a couple minutes… which, if I plan it right, is all it takes to get too drunk to taste things…

I call shenanigans on this. This cannot be Trot.

D. R. U. N. K.
And jogging.
Combined, they reduce his mind to nothingness.

How did he get online?

Oh, right, same way Leon does.

That’s the stuff.

We were playing games of 31 with Jaeger shots instead of quarters. It was most enjoyable.

And I wasn’t drunk when I was getting ready to go jogging, I was just incoherent. There’s a marked difference.

Now I go jogging again. Later today we go to see skeleton pirate wrath, which is always good.

I have already seen skeleton pirate warth. It was amazing. I loved it. Also, Orlando Bloom is very attractive. And not just because he played an Elf in Lord of the Rings.

Yeah, his blue mohawk gives him the piraty edge.

I have not seen this movie. Blue mohawk is real, though.

what exactly is it about?

Dunno whether I should see it or not. I don got much $$

I have mucho deniro, but lesso timeo.

I just don’t wanna go to something which I heard is purely Orlando Bloom eye-candy for the ladies…
Specially if I’m gonna take a lady friend.

It also has Kiera Knightly.


We are so agreed. Keira Knightley puts my brain in desperate danger of permanently shifting all function to my penis. This, I admit, is not markedly different from normal, but nonetheless…

The amount of hotness that bleeds out of that girl is dangerous.

Downright dangerous.