Help me i'm a stick

Seriously. I’m 6’4" and weigh like 150, if even that.

First post in a parody thread.

taim for stick slayer lol

way to post like a king, dickfag. :rolleyes:

Whatever you say Trot_to_Trolly!!!

riding trolleys gives you the aids

That is merely propaganda, designed to keep people out of San Francisco.

So far, it has been <strike>highly successful</strike> wholly ineffective.

i’m posting in this thread today (ITTT) to protest the use of this advertisement on the forums which contains multiple horrifyingly bad smilies:

<img src=“”>

please burn it with fires

It is obviously an advertisement for a home test to see if you suffer from the disease named “Smiley.” The pictures are the famous animated “Smiley Germs” from the commercial that embed in your large intestine and say clever things like “Ha ha ha! Without the Smiley E-Z Home Test, I’ll live in here forever!!1”

Geez, don’t you watch TV?


i don’t like it turn it off make it go away