Hello All!


I’m Danny, and I’ve come from http://geekvalley.com .

I hope to enjoy these forums, and I must say, awesome skins!


Cmon Rav you can do better than that.


Greetings, Danny.

Invokes the name of the Pie Revolution to counter Zeidrich’s Power of the Cheese…

yea… hi… [SIZE=7][FONT=Impact]run away run in fear as fast as you can !!! [/FONT] [/SIZE]
They are holding me hostage in thier chinese laundry send the nstf !! Hurry before they catch you and ensnare you too !!!

Where are my Dim Sum Dungarees

Being starched and pressed you putz… :cursing: Now get back in line !!

Mmm Dim Sum. They have some pretty good food…well the ones in Cali and HI.

Never ate there myself. I’ve been off in search of Leon.

…ponders a book…‘In Search of Leon McNichols’.