Hay Guys

I just noticed that this forum hasn’t been posted in since I posted in it just now, and before that since before July 4. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS… LIKE… LAME OR SOMETHING…

i want my taylon

He speaks truth!

Yes I Compare You To

I think it’s more along the lines of everyone on these forums has been drunk since the 4th of July… OR SOMETHING


Hooray, hello again Pipian!

I’ve been in Japan. BOOYA, MOTHERBITCHES!

Oh wait, July 4?

I was only in Japan til the 5th.

I’ve been playing games! Since then.

And also sodomizing the rest of the internet.

You should have stayed longer so you could have purchased Katamari 2.

But you did not. A FOOLISH MOVE.

Bah! I’ve more or less constantly been drunk since 1998. I’ve lost my job, my girlfriend, my family, got so drunk I ended up having a boyfriend (I miss you Raul) and ended up getting arrested for public nudity.

I’m am lying of course! I’ve never had a girlfriend…

Pipian you should post more. :frowning:


and Rav

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