Hay Guys It's a Holiday

I’ve always wanted to use that image.

Now… I don’t know, say nice things about the guy, or talk about goatse, or something. But please do not combine the two.

I do not get tomorrow off of the workies… I am saddened by this. I need to get a job at a freakin’ bank or something.

My school is closed for the day, and thank Jesus, because my two Monday classes like to say things like: FUCK YOU, BOY

and then they do.

Of course my school is not closed, because as a recent statement from our President said, “We choose not to respect “those people” and their so called “culture”.”

Okay maybe that wasn’t said but it’s certainly implied.

Let me holla for a sec, playas. My school don’t ever have days off for Luther, what’s the dealy-o? I think that’s just another case o’ Whitey keepin’ the black man down, ya feel me? Buhlee dat!

I think it’s another case of you’re a filthy foreigner. Ausländer aus!

Quiet, Mr. “I’m not descended from Native Americans”.

Kill whitey

Quiet, Mr. “I’m a Canadian and that means I’m better than you.”

I didn’t get the day off.

This holiday is a sham.

Actually, in this case I am boasting of my native american lineage, which is 1/8th of my blood. But that title is correct. I am better than you.

b cuz yu guys hav teh bush, lol. he look liek teh monky. i r clevar