Happy new years soon

You guys suck.

Let’s get drunk so I can stand you all.

Here’s to hoping the Y2K5 bug doesn’t get us. It’s very deadly and very poisonous, and replicates at supernatural speeds, reducing a cow to a skeleton in 5 minutes. And then eating the skeleton.

As illustrated in your avatar.

No amount of drinking can disguise the fact that there are no new Taylons.

Taylons are needed for consumption. Where are they?

I got drunk and fell asleep around 9:30. I missed the comming of the new year by 4 and a half hours. Whoops. So I guess that means I’m caught in a nexus in time where I never age and everyone else grows old around me and every time I wake up everyone has a longer white beard and then they die and I become sad… Or maybe I should stop watching this here Twilight Zone marathon.


The new year is all about the Twilight Zone.

I turn 21 today hooray time to go buy beer and get drunk rite guys?

3 years late-man.

More like lives-in-America-man.

Damn Americans and their stupid laws.

There should be a channel dedicated to the Twilight Zone, with no commercials, just 100% twilight zone.

I have a Twilight Zone hat. Go me.


Oh be fair. We’re at least forty years behind by now.

I made the switch from beer to hard liquor this New Years.

Best decision of my freaking life.

How can you type.

Welp you nerdlings me and psx have been able to post what was your excuses again? #Bye2020NotMissed #HappyNewyears2021 may it be better.