Happy new year denizens of the forums

I think we should be proud to have upholded the prestigious forum title of “Dynamic Realty of Oversized or Outrageous Oddities”, or ‘DRoOoOO’. For nine long years we have strived to maintain the cutting edge approach to providing high quality goods accross Yugoslavia and the entire world. Hundreds of tens of millions of thousands of people have chosen us for their DRoOoOO needs, and we have stepped up to the plate.

Just the other day a haggard, smelly, and drunk man approached me. He stabbed me in the spleen and took off with my watch, and wallet.

Another satisfied customer of our excellent products had this to say, “I don’t know how I could have gotten my giant singing lawn dildo with flashing lightes and blaring sirens without your tenacity and get go efforts! DRoOoOO!”. I’m sure our excellent services have aided in his coping with fatal brain cancer.

And the employees of DRoOoOO? Who could forget Tim?

All and all I believe the future is promising despite complete bankruptcy and the many lawsuits against our company I personally have chosen to represent our company in. I might not always get to sleep at night, or in a week, but that is what my doctor prescribed Methamphetonal is for!

Tidings and good wishes. Bartholomew A. Franklin, CEO and Founder of DRoOoOO!

DRoOoOO is a marvel of modern times. :slight_smile:

Burning rage could you get out of my system once in a while because you’re giving me hypertension.

I get my hypertension from hams.

I recommend hydrochlorothiazide for your hypertension

and also hams

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