Happy Indian Subjugation Day!

Let us celebrate the day on which Indians north of the Rio Grande finally met their enemies and failed to realize that these whities would consistently [break treaties for [url=http://en2.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trail_of_Tears]300 [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Little_Bighorn]long [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Wounded_Knee]years until they were annihilated by European disease, the near extinction of the buffalo, their being forced onto reservations, and their squaws being stolen by the whities.


And let us not forget our neighbors to the north who decided that Thanksgiving obviously belongs in October, not November, mainly because they like to call “Veteran’s Day” “Remembrance Day”.

Also: What are you thankful for?

I am <strike>thankful</strike> sad that we have not had another Leon arrive to be able to make fun of.

I’m thankful for the SimCopter quote in your little profile thingy there.

I’ll be Leon for ya Pip.

hmm I bealeev turke is grous IMO

Also I am thankful for the Lightsabre .

I am thankful that Thanksiving is in October so I do not gain too much fats by Thanksgiving and Christmas-ing so close together.

Also it would be awkward to eat turkey with my whole family on my birthday.

SimCity 2000. You fat foolish fatty fat foolish fat fool.

But that’s alright. It’s close enough.

Oh, they said it in SimCopter as well (since you could fly around your SimCity 2000 creations).

Since I’m the only human being who actually owned/played that game…I know this.

I’m also thankful that I no longer have to self-loathe, because now there’s someone who can do it for me.

And cellular telephones. Those things are incredibly handy!!!

I’m thankful for Trot’s quote thing. It makes me happy and thankful.

“Reticulating splines” is in every Sim game, and I have simcopter, Trot. I liked to drop the medical patients on the hospital without landing. Sure they’d sometimes fall too far, but that’s the price of efficiency.

If they made an updated version of that game… BUTTER


Although I’d always get bored with the normal missions, and would spend my time listening to the classical station while blowing shit up with my Apache.

Then how exactly does GTA: Vice City not count as an updated version of this SimCoptor game? You can do this in GTA, you know. And, as an added bonus, you’ll be buying American.

Also, happy Thanksgiving to Detroit Lions fans! Sadly, I know you exist.

Dewhat who fans now?

<strike>Maxis</strike> <b>Electronic Arts</b>
2 Theatre Square Suite 230
Orinda, CA 94563-3346

Detroit Lions fans. Even my dad has converted to following (with dismay) the one true Pack.

I really don’t get too uppity about pro-Football, but God almighty, do I hate the Packers.

Which means I’m very very thankful for Dre’ Bly.

Sorry, I didn’t intend to indicate that the fine folk who produce SimEtc games are <strike>un</strike> not American, only that those at Rockstar are American. A thousand apologies to the good capitalists of EA.

EA also makes Carlizzle Holidizzle fantastically Jesus-esque at football.

Clearly EA needs some help, because they are evidently quite sick.

Well, if Maxis hadn’t been purchased by EA, then they would be all american. Because Maxis <strike>is</strike> was cool.

When it comes down to it, the human race fights for what it wants, and is fully willing to kill anyone who gets in “their” way, on the whole. Politics has been a big live-action video game that way, trying beat up enemies. We have WWF Smackdown to allow us a true view on human values in America…and no doubt plenty of others in other countries. “The crowd craves blood,” all the way back to the Romans and before. Plenty of other directions to go with what Smackdown has on it, such as the bareness of the clothes that the females on it wear (to their enjoyment), or that the sense of cliquishness among the participants (WWF or NWO or whatever the h*ll act is up next) is also very illustrative of the lack of values throughout a supposedly “free and open” society, but I won’t…all that needs to be shown is that human nature is the same as ever, and doesn’t really change. The fact that the European invaders freaked the Native Americans over should come as no surprise…but what should is that everyone acts so outraged at the kind of conquest and territorial annexation that’s been going on for 6,000 years or so. Yeah, it sucks…I don’t like it. Give me a time machine, and off we’ll go.

I’m sure there’s a point in that mess somewhere.

What is all that? I hurt…