Happy Girthday!

It’s Blivy’s birthday. It’s also Thanksgiving (for people who are not Oblivion). Thus today is a day of eating for all. Also it’s Blivy’s birthday!


I shall stuff my face in honor of Oblivion’s birthday. EXCUSES ARE GRAND.

I will celebrate Oblivions birthday by making this post, happy birthdate Oblivion! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Oblivion! I hope you get lots of presents.

So yeah, starting tonight I’m celebrating until sunday. In addition to tonight’s birthday feast, I will also get an outing at an all-you-can-eat buffet tomorrow, followed by a week-end of gaming and some anime. I’d like to thank FOX for airing the first Spider-man movie tonight at 8. I didn’t even have to call in that favor!

Happy birthday, Oblvionington.

Enjoy your not Thanksgiving because yours was in October BWAH.

You can’t make me do it you can’t make me say happy birthday oh god i jusT SAID IT ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Merry Christmas!

Is it Kwanza?