Happy Birthday Squall!

Happy 20th Birthday Squall!!! :smiley: Hope you have a fabulous day.

The gift I’m looking for is on hold for two days, though… I’ll get it on Saturday, around 2:52 p.m.

Oh, Happy birthday Squall, I hope you got lots of tasty birthday cake and whatnot.

Three separate versions of cake, actually.

a rather late happy birthday to squall.

evil grin mostly i just love birthdays, especially when they involve censored.

why are so many people born in january?

Squall? Has The “Package” arrived yet?
/me looks at Bethie. …hmmm… you’re back huh? where have you been the last 5-7 months?

busy outside of my home. but at uni i get closeted with my computer more. so here i am (blackmailed by squall)

and now i shall eat chocolate cake in his honor. literally… mmmmmmmmm

Yes, it arrived. Only the outcast works amongst the extras.

30th Birthday man…


Happy 33rd Birthday belated albeit but yes happy birthday bub!

He did get something from me. (Steam game)