Happy 27st Birrthday Raging Llama

Happy Birthday R-L hope its a good one and lots of $ from relatives as well. :wink: YAR HAR !

Leave it to L.McN to bring up a llama with a sombrero. Kudos, sir.

Happy birthday, Edward.

You forgot the pegleg though Squall. he and Vaska have teamed it it seems YAR! HAR !

Guess I am late with my greetings…But Happy belated Llama

This is all a sham! Hes really only 23, At least he changed his profile from being a 14 year old from australia, And who is this Edward person, I think Raging Llama is a master of disguse!

een ameerico dey eez caweeeng mee da Jackal!!!

I mustah set up my profile wrong, my b’day was in may and i was 23.

swishes cloack and emerges wearing one of those groucho marx disguise things with the glasses, big nose and moustache

So Raging llama is now in his 40’s LOL