Happy 27st Birrthday Arik!

ITS ARIK’s BIRTHDAY TODAY !!! and He’s 27 !!! HUUZZAH !!! Give him a BIG HAND ! and Wish Him a Happy Birthday from ME and psx and EVERYONE Here @ The Site :smiley:

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Arik ! We Wub Joo !  :all:  :thumbs up

Why does this not bode well?

Perhaps your excessive use of the exclamation marks scared Arik away?

Arik is super busy right now. I doubt they let him sleep, let alone go on some forums and post messages. They’re probably taunting him right now… “you can have the cake when you finish the movie! mwahahah!”

So yeah, when you find this thread year later Arik, I said happy birthday too.