Happy 100th Gin!

Gin/Archive is 100 years of age today. This can be attributed to eating nothing but broccoli and liver and drinking nothing but beet juice. It entends the lifespan, but it’s a trade-off I could not do personally. So, Gin is either completely insane or has no taste buds, or both.

Happy Birthday!

Borsht does not work quite as well, unfortunately. That is why I will die before I am 30.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be getting that present. It will be sent. It will arrive next February. Hooray!

Also, hippie burstie (happy birthday).

tanjiobi omedeto gozaimashita

Gin, I remember when you were just 18, now you’re 100! my how time flies!

correction, 17.

i’m part of a species that ages quite rapidly and gracefully.

I’m scared of what the new year brings.

Pointy Shiney Things!

In my gut? Or are we talking elsewhere?

Happy belated wishes for your 100th birthday Archive!