Halo 2 E3 video

one word…AMAZING…The graphics are freaking awsome and the sounds were holy shit god damn good…Nice action and extremely good AI. I highly recomend downloading it if possible. I dont rememebr the URL where I got it from but im sure you can find it.

Can’t, too busy fapping to halflife 2.

when they delay halflife 2’s release you come crawling back…you just wait and see

Granted, Halo 2 does look really good, but it doesn’t offer anything new in terms of graphics (They’re pretty much the same as Halo 1’s, which weren’t bad at all to begin with…), the AI seems to be improved, but not much… basically all Halo 2 has going for it is improved gameplay, ie - hopping on that hoverbike, dual uzi… things… a different setting, etc.

Should be Halo 1.5, not Halo 2.

1- Why would they push back HL2’s release date? The thing’s practically done. Halo 2 is no where near finished.

2- Halo 2 isn’t the same basic graphics as Halo 1. It’s render has had some major changes (now that Bungie have a much better understanding with the Xbox’s Graphics chip). Everything has bump mapping with specular highlights, along with real time stencil shadowing to name the most obvious improvements.

3- Since Halo 1 had the best FPS action gameplay we’ve ever played, i wouldn’t care if the gameplay hadn’t been improved over the 1st.
HL2 offers a different style of gameplay to Halo. HL2 is not just action but strategy by stopping in places and thinking things out. Halo was just great for total combat action.

4- It will still be dwarfed by HL2 no matter what. For several reasons.

  • Platforms: HL2 PC, Halo 2 Xbox.
  • Modability.
  • HL1’s popularity was much bigger than Halo 1, and the sequal’s anticipation and ultimately populartiy, depends on this.
  • All in all, HL2 just looks like it’ll be more fun. However it doesn’t mean Halo 2 won’t be fun at ANY rate.

I’m greatly anticipating HL2, don’t get me wrong. I want it way more than Halo anyday. However what is the status of Halo coming out for the PC and is Halo 2 coming out for the pc?

Halo PC should hopefully be done sometime this year. I assume since Halo 1 is coming to the PC, Halo 2 will eventually follow suit.

Half Life 2 is reportedly also coming to the box.

It will most likely come to the consoles, as the first did, but there’s been no official confirmation (that I’ve read). It’ll be a PC exclusive game before it’ll be a console game, though.

I feel like Halo 1 on the PC is just going to be outdated, I’d rather them just come out with two. I also realize that I don’t care…

halo 1 for PC isnt going to be released until 1 month before halo 2’s release for this reason

Marketing: Get people hooked on halo 1 so they want to play halo 2 but it will only be on xbox for a while so people will buy xboxs to plat halo 2

another similar situation to HL2’s, Doom III will be release to xbox 6 months before pc except its the other way around for HL2

Umm, what? Doom 3 is releasing on X-Box 6 months before the PC version. What the heck have you been smokin’ man, and where are you getting these facts?

I wouldn’t worry about Halo 1 feeling outdated next to Halo 2. From the footage I saw, they’re the exact same game (not that this is necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that the graphics haven’t made any great leaps or anything).

Well with those calming words from Trot, I suppose I won’t worry.

What do u mean same exact game? In halo 1 only walls, vehicals and structures were bump mapped, in Halo 2 everything is. Not to mention the upgrade in sound. There is also a lot more speaking between marines and you and with other marines. If you havent seen the demo video then you havent seen the intense action going on. The cut sence are highly upgraded. Compare cut scenes from Halo 2 to the ones in Halo 1 you can really tell the diffrence in graphics. New facial features and accurate lip synching are way different from the square jawed marines in halo 1.

Better graphics in cut-scenes don’t count for anything. I don’t play games for their cut-scenes.

Unless we’re talking Wing Commander IV…

I’m not saying the graphics haven’t improved at all, but from everything I’ve seen, it looks very very similar to Halo 1.

I still love the first, and I trust Bungie will do a much greater job on the sequel.

bump mapping is the new lens flare

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