Well from all the signs; The fire in the streets, the sky turning black, the water turning to blood; Half-Life 2 is about to go Gold… probably some time in November… Either that or… Satans back… damn he’s always playing tricks with me…

Half-Life 2 won’t be out till 2198.

It’s a fact.


I have one of those ATi voucher coupons and I’ve already preloaded it onto my computer with Steam. Now I just need to wait for gold and/or someone hacks the preload to unlock HL2

I didn’t get a voucher, so I’ll have to wait <s>until i can download it off the internet</s> buy <s>steal</s> it in the store

Half-Life 2’s preloads are like 128bit encryption… Your gana have to wait for it to come out its not geting hacked :wink:

Oh you’d think that, but I’m sure there’s a way that doesn’t involve brute-forcing the encryption. Like, hacking the steam servers and downloading the encryption key or something. It’s possible…

Hurry up Half-Life 2. :mad:

I’m not even interested in half-life 2, I just want it come out so they can release Vampire Bloodlines which is using its engine and is going to be awesome!

hmm, distributed computing, 2 million pcs could crack it in a week i think.

time to hack the SETI servers then…

128bit encryption would take every computer in the world working for over a thousand years.

And I highly dought the encryption key is readly avalible on any server connected to the net. The files are probably encrypted transferd to the stream server then transferd… Valve dosent want another slipup…

Half-Life 2 is officaly gold btw…

I wonder how it’ll play…

Hopefully fun, but like ^Dragon^ I’m waiting for Bloodlines more then I am Half-Life 2…

And I really wana see some of the mods for half-life 2, tempted to buy CS: Source

CS:S is not included with half life 2?

why would you buy a 7 year old game that you can get for free now that it has fancy graphics?

Also, HL2 won’t be out untill mid-November. I doubt you can unlock it with Steam any time before then.

Hl2 comes out Nov. 16th and CS: Source is already out.

Why buy CS: Source? because CS 1.6 is the last CS for HL1


Far to addicted to Wolrd of Warcraft beta to care… LOL, to bad it ends today… guess I’ll just have to go play MxO beta… God why have your forsaken me!!! =p

I’ll have a short review of HL2 as soon as I beat it. My impressions so far: fantastic looking game with confusing and frustrating gameplay, but with some awesome gameplay sequences sprinkled in to, I assume, balance out the badness.

I was not a huge fan of the original game either. I ended up quitting the game because of the stupid low gravity platforming level on Xen or some such alien landscape. I’ll explain why later.