Half-Life 2 E3 Video

That’s right, I have possession of the official HL2 video from E3. It includes all sorts of kool stuff, most of it isn’t even describable. Yeah, it’s that sweet. So anyways, if anyone has a FTP server with 500 mb or so free, I would be more than willing to upload it for all to see. It’s about 25 minutes long, so it shows some extensive footage of the Source Engine and of HL2. You truly can’t get a sense of how amazing the game will be until you see the video.

Been there, seen that, great stuff.

That game should hopefully 0wn as much as the first, As well as the counterstrike they are making for it.

Someone give the man some server space!


Weasel, I have sent you a PM.

EDIT: I forgot how to speak english for a sec…

Hail thee Chembot.
And Hail thee Weasel.

Chembot, now that you have it, are you going to post the link for everyone?

I think I got a tickle in my throat…

urkkk… hackcoughGOOGLEhackhack

Excuse me…

You are excused.

Here ya go, here’s the download link.