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Buying a new laptop

im new here and am looking at buying a brand new laptop . I found one that im pretty interested in.Sony VGN-S460B. heres the link for more details:

I’ll be using it for schooling but also for gaming (not hardcore to the max) and maybe some photoshop. What i wanna know is wether or not this system will be good enough for what im doing? thanks in advance for any help !

There are better laptops you can buy for that price or better. I would suggest shopping around before making up your mind just yet.

I think !angel_anne! might just be peddling her wares. =/

That laptop blows for that price. One could get a nice Acer with a Turion 64, 1gig ram, 100gig hd, and x700 for like $1300.

Perhaps he/she is.

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