Google searches

too bad the go to hell one doesn’t work…

anyways… go to google and type in any of the following and click “i’m feeling lucky”:

“weapons of mass destruction”
“anti-war peace protesters”
“French Military Victories”
“miserable failure”

know any others?


“nutjobs”, for a truly educational one

I work against double-posting most of the time, but this one deserved a post all its own.


Next time try the Bible, not the Google.

Squall… one of those doesn’t even work, and the other two are not amusing at all. Are you sure you understood the point, here?

Last I just checked a moment ago, they work fine. Then again, I consider the entire Democratic Party a joke, so maybe you just don’t understand me.


I am lame. Lame lame lame. Big huge lame.

.sniw “emal eguh giB”

:monoke: What’s with the backwards talk?

There’s no “maybe” here, chum. Your brain is to me like one of those automata contraptions that could count and write letters and calculate the orbits of the planets, only with more religion.

I think I just received one of the greatest compliments of my life. I think.

“litigious bastards”

Awww look its Pipian and KBV at breakfast

Yup indeed. Have a Great Day Everyone Nice one for the photoalbum

Oh no, the donkey has eaten Pipian and KBV. :frowning:

It’s the donkey from Shrek :smiley: