Good News - Sam and Max is back in action!

Check it out:


I give it 2 weeks before the game’s canned.

Oh mister pessimist. It’ll take them years to finally decide it’s dead, not that anyone will be fooled by the biannual progress reports.

It will be out before Doom 3.


“It’s bigger than video games. It’s interactive entertainment.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA! You might wonder why I laugh. That is because that is the shittiest attitude to adopt towards anything. Case in point.

Vince McMahon said
This isn’t wrestling. It’s sports entertainment. It’s comedy, drama, action, adventure and sports rolled into one!

Well if anyone is interested they have just released an adventure game called Bone (Based on the nifty comic) and you can download it at but its just a demo (You have to pay 19.99$ to unlock the whole game), I’ve not tried it out but I am about to. :slight_smile:

Even those telltalegames wouldn’t be stupid enough to come out on this branch.

Stupid, stupid telltalegames!

But that’s exactly what professional wrestling is, or at least was. I miss The Honkey Tonk Man.


What’s a telltalegame? Are they good? Should I play them?

Well Bone didn’t seem all that great (At least the demo was okay, it just used all the original script, so it wasn’t really anything new if you’ve read it before).

Hopefully they’ll do a better job with Sam and Max and have it full of suitability hillarious jokes and stuff!

Hmmm, seems they have a webcomic now: