Get Back In Here! Get Outta Here!

I need your voices people. I don’t mean like in The Little Mermaid when the giant squid thing steals the voice from Ariel and then fucks Ariel’s boyfriend, either, I mean… man, that’s fucking gross, fucking a squid. Anyway, I mean that I need you guys to help me out. I’m making a dwarven campaign in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, and I’m short on voice files. You see, there are only so many dwarven units, and I need someone to cover for my Dwarven Rock Mage and Dwarven Viking voice files.

I’ll start with looking for the Viking voices. If you’re interested in trying out, send me a voice sample of yourself saying the following lines in a Dwarven accent. If you don’t know what a dwarven accent is, picture the worst scottish stereotype ever, then make it more cartoony.

Line 1:

“Yer about te have a little AXE-ident!”

Line 2:

“One time, I played poker with an elf, and I lost my shirt, me shoes, AND MY AXE!”

You Are No Help You Fools >: (

I have no microphone so I am unable to help!

That’s what everyone else said, pretty much.

I used to have a microphone

I am in the same situation as psx-dude.

Where have all the microphones gone. :frowning:

I have a microphone now, but I can’t do a scottish accent for the life of me. I may give it a whirl, but if its true what my girlfriend has said, I can’t use accents for shit.

This thread just gets sadder and sadder.

I dunno. It was a pretty crappy beginning, too.

But hey, I’ll make it sadder.

Is that even a girl? :crying:

Well I found out my new fangled mp3 player has a microphone built in so I’ll try and see if I can get any good dwarf lines done, but I’m not promising anything!

[size=2] Also, to try and[/size][font=Arial][size=2] alleviate some of the sadness here is a cartoon of the sale of some melons or somesuch :[/size][/font]


Oh man that picture is huge!

What the fuck…