Genetically Modified Food

Would you eat Genetically Modified food? Why or why not?

Of course I would, because it is specifically designed for deliciousness!
Plus, while genetic engineering could pose potential problems for ecosystems if any of the food escapes, it’s not all that different from what humans did to food before just through breeding.

if extra deliciousness comes forth from them… of course.
We all know that it’s always the man-made food that tastes the best.
Also if I’m lucky it’ll grow me a couple 6th fingers.

Of course, why not? It’s additives we should be worried about.

It’s strange that Africa and most other countries in the world won’t buy or take our food for free when we try to help them out, just because it’s “Genetically Modified.”

The crazy activists against this food even call it Frankenfood.

That’s just it. Genetically modified food just wants to be accepted. When you reject it, it retaliates by causing cancer and making super-weeds. If you just give it a chance, it is kind and tasty.

Frankenfood isn’t bad, it’s just misunderstood. I mean, it rarely attacks hapless villages anymore, plus they got rid of the metal bolts in the stem, so no more lightning strikes when you eat 'em. Seriously though, if countries are refusing free food because it’s genetically modified, well they’re shit out of luck.

Whats it like?!?!

Its good.

It tastes like any other fruit or vegetable. Most genetically modified produce is only modified to grow faster or resist insects. There are some hybrid fruits and vegetables that are a combination of two different kinds, or a variation, but nothing special really.

There’s rice that has vitamin C.
I’m not sure it’s genetically modified, though. It may just be bred, which would be far more impressive.

Genetically modified food doesnt seem to be deserving of all the bad press it has gotten.

Used correctly it can be used to cure world hunger and make an apple that tastes like a pear.

They should try making broccoli than tastes like anything other than broccoli (foul weed!)

hehe yes. Sugar Spinach!

I’d eat it from the can and watch as my forearms swell to an admittedly abnormal size so I can beat up guys trying to steal my stick for a girlfriend.

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I would think most of the African countries would be more worried about AIDS and starvation than GM foods.